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Leader`s Speech


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Dear friends
  Welcome to browse the website of Shandong Ruiying Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., and thank you for your attention and support. We hope that this website can serve as a communication platform between us.
  Since its establishment in 1990 , Ruiying has grown up and achieved a healthy stable and good development momentum .We are grateful for the care and support from customers , partners and all walks of society and appreciate for the contribution of the company management and employees in each term making great efforts and forging ahead. On behalf of the whole staff, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the leaders in each level and friends from all sectors caring and supporting the  development of Ruiying. We are sincerely looking for continuous cooperation with you, and let's join hands to create bright future.
  Looking into the future although faced with difficulties and challenges,  we have full confidence in Ruiying. We keep in mind mission to "create value satisfy customers benefit employees maximize shareholders value contribute to society. We continue to adhere to our operation principles of regulatory compliance people oriented-customer first- win-win cooperation. We are committed to pursue excellent performance in each area of our  business, and drive the company toward the vision of to be a world class pharmaceutical company with sustainable competitiveness.
  Thanks for the ongoing trust and support from frep partners and all walks of society Thanks for the determination and diligence of all employees in Ruiying.
President: Peng Jixian