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Founded in 1990,Shandong Ruiying Pioneer Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company which integrates R&D, pilot production, production and sales, and affiliated to Shandong Ruiying·Runze Pharmaceutical Group. The company is mainly engaged in developing, producing and selling the preparations, APIs and intermediates of cephalosporins, penicillins antibiotics and antineoplastic drugs.……

Industry supporting:

Production balance in vertical linkages of industrial chain
Quality control:

Flexible production according to customer's standard
Production control:

Production system carries out totally integrated automation
Continuous improvement:

Continuously optimizing and improving the technology

and quality of products

Ceftriaxone sodium, the major product of the company, was certified by Brazil ANVISA
Ceftriaxone sodium, the major product of the company, was certified by Brazil ANVISA
2019-05-29 13:10
The company fluoxetine for the treatment of pigment decolorization disease application project were authorized
Shandong Ruiying Runze Pharmaceutical Group participated in the 78th National Pharmaceutical Trade Fair, and launched a grand la
From November 28 to November 30, 2017, the 78th National Pharmaceutical Fair was held at the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex. Shandong Ruiying Runze Pharmaceutical Group, under the lead
2018-02-24 15:31

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